Tatyana Golikova meets the heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Azerbaijan, Italy and Mexico

As a part of the St. Petersburg international economic forum, the bilateral meetings of Tatyana Golikova, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, with the heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Azerbaijan, Italy and Mexico, were held.

In the course of the meeting with Vugar Tapdiq oglu Gulmammadov, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Tatyana Golikova noted a high level of Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation, an important component of which consists in the interaction between Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of the two countries. “Our joint work, - she emphasized, - inter alia, within the framework of the working group for state procurements, undoubtedly contributes to the strengthening and development of interstate relations."

In the course of the meeting, the parties discussed prospects for further cooperation, noting that conducting joint and simultaneous control activities is one of the most effective areas giving practical results. In this regard, the parties discussed a possibility of collaboration in the field of control over the implementation of interstate projects.

During the meeting with Rafael Skitiere, Chairman of the Italian Accounts of Chamber, Tatyana Golikova noted that it was the first meeting of the heads of control agencies of Russia and Italy, which took place after a long break. “I hope that in future such meetings will become regular, and the interagency cooperation of Supreme Audit Institutions of our countries will reach a new level", - she noted.

In the course of the meeting, the parties exchanged the information on the main directions of the work performed by the headed agencies, discussed the national features of control, as well as the specific nature of the interaction of the SAIs of Russia and Italy with the legislative and executive authorities of respective countries. Whereby, the commonality of methods and approaches used, was noted.

Following the meeting, the parties expressed willingness to further development of interagency cooperation, both bilaterally and within international organizations.

In the course of the meeting with Juan Manuel Portal, Auditor General of Mexico, the need to enhance interagency cooperation was pointed out, since in the mutual opinion of the parties, the capability of bilateral cooperation between the control agencies of two countries, had been completely implemented yet.

In this regard, Tatyana Golikova proposed to her counterpart to consider a possibility of signing a revised Cooperation Agreement, which sets out the basic forms and directions of further cooperation. “The Agreement between our agencies was signed as early as 2011. However, time goes by placing new demands and challenges before us. I am sure that signing a new Agreement will commence a new stage of joint cooperation”, - the head of the Russian control agency underlined.

Juan Manuel Portal readily supported the proposal of the head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, expressing an intention to prepare a draft agreement in the light of modern realities and new powers imposed on the control agency of Mexico in connection with the changes in legislation.

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