Tatyana Golikova met with the leadership of Supreme Audit Institution of Turkey, South Africa, Slovakia and Serbia

Within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, bilateral meetings of the Chair of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova with the leadership of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Turkey, South Africa, Slovakia and Serbia were held. During the meetings with the SAIs of Turkish and South Africa cooperation agreements were signed.

During the meeting with the Chair of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Seit Akhmet Bash, active development of investment cooperation between Russia and Turkey was noted, which, in the opinion of the parties, creates a serious basis for expanding the practical interaction of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the two countries.

As a first step in this direction, the parties signed a bilateral Cooperation Agreement, which defines the bases and forms for further inter-agency cooperation. In addition, in the immediate plans of the parties - the formation of a multi-year cooperation program, which will include both joint and parallel audits, as well as events to share experiences.

The main prospects for joint audit work are seen by the parties in carrying out inspections of the fulfillment of the terms of intergovernmental agreements in the energy sector - over the gas pipeline "Turkish flow". Also, the parties intend to take control of the implementation of the Medium-Term Program of Trade-Economic, Scientific-Technical and Cultural Cooperation of Russia and Turkey for 2017-2020. In addition, the possibility of carrying out control measures on the protection of the Black Sea from pollution, as well as assessing the performance of the governments of the two countries in the field of the effectiveness of immigration policy ware discussed.

"I am confident that the Agreement signed today is the first brick in the foundation of our future collaboration and reached agreements will serve to further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the SAI of Russia and Turkey in all fields", - Tatiana Golikova noted after the meeting.


The main outcome of the meeting with the General Auditor of South Africa Kimi Makvet also was the signing of an updated version of the Cooperation Agreement, which reflects the importance of the interaction of the parties within the BRICS and directs the control agencies to practical cooperation.

"We have an opportunity to consider such areas of collaboration, such as energy, environmental protection, priority national programs in the social sphere, as well as space and military-technical cooperation", - said during the signing of the head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia.


During the meeting with the Vice-Chair of the Supreme Control Chamber of the Slovak Republic Igor Shula, the head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation noted the need for filling the bilateral relations of the Russian and Slovak SAIs with practical content. "Given the positive developments that have emerged in the trade and economic relations between Russia and Slovakia, as well as the fact that our agencies should develop vector policy, it is time to take steps towards a more practical content of our bilateral relations", - said Tatiana Golikova, addressing to her colleague.

In support of his words, the head of the the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation submitted to the Slovak party a project of an updated version of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Supreme Audit Institutions of Russia and Slovakia.

As it was noted during the conversation, the issues of audit of the effectiveness of budget expenditures and the implementation of national projects in the field of education, energy, road infrastructure, combating corruption and evaluating the activities of executive authorities could be the basis for joint audit work of the parties.


At a meeting with the President of the State Audit Control of the Republic of Serbia Radoslav Sretenovich the need to intensify interdepartmental interaction was noted, because, according to the mutual opinion of the parties, the potential of bilateral cooperation between the control agencies of the two countries has not yet been fully implemented.

In this regard, Tatyana Golikova suggested to her colleague to consider the possibility of signing a new version of the Cooperation Agreement, as well as to work out the issue of filling the multi-year cooperation program with practical measures.

"Promising areas for our future audit interaction could be areas such as energy, infrastructure of railways, operation of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center and the audit of government programs in the social sphere", - said Tatiana Golikova.

The head of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation also congratulated Radoslaw Sretenovich on the 10th anniversary of the State Audit Control of the Republic of Serbia, wishing the staff of the office new successes in a worthy and difficult matter of state audit.

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