Accounts Chamber has renewed cooperation agreements with the State Audit Institutions of Belarus and Kazakhstan

On September 5, 2017, on the sidelines of the XVII Council of Heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the CIS Member States in Baku, Tatyana Golikova, the Chairwoman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, signed the renewed inter-institutional cooperation agreements with Leonid Anfimov, Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus, and Nurmukhambet Abdibekov, Chairman of the Accounts Committee for Control over Execution of the Republican Budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the course of bilateral meetings, the heads of audit institutions unanimously acknowledged prominent bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The focus of attention was holding of annual joint events in the format of the Eurasian Economic Union on distribution of customs duties, as well as external audit (control) in the EAEU bodies.

Following the meetings, the Heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) discussed the idea of establishing an expert group of SAI representatives from EAEU countries which will perform a task of updating the relevant methodological and regulatory framework.

Tatyana Golikova also particularly marked the lively dialogue of the Russian and Belarusian SAIs within the Union State. The cooperation between the two agencies is based on the annually updated Plan of Joint Events. The Chairwoman of the Russian Accounts Chamber proposed to her Belarusian counterpart to proceed with drafting this document for 2018.

“The diversity of formats and areas of cooperation of Supreme Audit Institutions of Russia and Belarus have necessitated the updating of the bilateral cooperation agreement”, explained Tatyana Golikova.

The cooperation of the SAIs of Russia and Kazakhstan, which has begun in 2004, also includes exchange of experience and implementation of control and expert analytical activities on issues of mutual interest.

“I am confident that the signing of the updated cooperation agreement between the Accounts Chamber and the Accounts Committee will contribute to enhancing our cooperation in a variety of formats,” - said Tatyana Golikova at the official ceremony. The Chairwoman of the Russian Accounts Chamber proposed to her colleague to consider the possibility of establishing the multi-year cooperation program that could provide for relevant seminars at the sites of the Accounts Chamber and the Accounts Committee, as well as videoconferencing.

The updated versions of the agreements provide for the exchange of information and reference materials, including standards and methodological developments in the field of external public audit, joint or concurrent control and expert analytical events and external assessment of each other’s activities.

In addition, participants expressed their interest in information analytical system of remote external state audit (control) developed and actively used by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

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