Report on the participation of citizens in the implementation of the audit plan of the Accounts Chamber

In order to ensure the principles of openness and transparency provided for by the Law on the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, as well as to implement the mechanism by which the public could submit proposals for the audit plan, the supervising authority is making active efforts to involve citizens in its audit activities.

Last year, the Accounts Chamber has considered 2764 complaints, applications, petitions and proposals from citizens received through the public reception office, which is 15% more than in 2016. The information from petitions was taken into account when carrying out control and expert-analytical activities.

In particular, audit branches of the Accounts Chamber have examined materials of 21 petitions of citizens in the framework of the implementation of the control measures plan. The facts stated in the petitions were confirmed in 4 cases. For example, violations were detected in the course of audit of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post in August-December, 2017 under the petition for examining the efficiency of budget funds use by Russian Post.

In 2018, in the framework of the implementation of the control measures plan, it is intended to use information of 14 petitions of citizens. In particular, the information on possible violations when spending funds allocated for the maintenance of marine mammals, when reforming the hunting control and supervision service in the Komi Republic, as well as when reconstructing the student dormitory of the Moscow Academy of Water Transport will be considered. The main control measures with the use of information from citizens will be taken as part of the audit of the federal budget execution for the year 2017.

Public polls that the Accounts Chamber has been regularly conducting since 2016 have become another important tool of citizens involvement in the participation in control activities.

Polls are conducted to determine the most "urgent" topics for the society, to determine the auditees on the basis of the received results, as well as to obtain information from the society about the change of the situation in the relevant areas that have already been affected by the control activities.

During 2017, 25 public polls were conducted on the quality of the performance by the auditees of state functions and the provision of services to the public, the results of which were used by the Accounts Chamber when planning and conducting 32 control and expert-analytical activities, the objects of which were 47 state bodies and organizations.

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