Promoting the Digitalization of the Public Administration Systems Is One of the Key Tasks of Supreme Audit Institutions Worldwide – Alexey Kudrin

Promoting the digitalization of the public administration systems is one of the key tasks faced by Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide. This statement was made by Alexey Kudrin, the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, who opened the meeting of the XVIII session of the Council of Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions of the CIS Member States, which was held today in Moscow.

The meeting of the Council was attended by the heads of SAIs of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Tajikistan. The main topic of the regular session was information technology and its role in developing and improving the effectiveness of public administration.

Addressing the Council members, the Head of the Russian Accounts Chamber noted that modern information technology not only transforms the usual life of people, but also becomes an important tool in modernizing the system of public administration, providing a basis for more rational and effective government decision-making, its openness and transparency to society. “Today, without using modern digital technology, it is simply not possible to deal with global challenges. That is why Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide see one of their key strategic objectives in not only digital transformation of its operating activities, but also in promoting the digitalization of the whole system of public administration,” he stated.

According to Alexey Kudrin, the Russian Supreme Audit Institution is ready to become one of the platforms for introducing the digitalization. For example, the Accounts Chamber is applying the information system of remote external public audit, allowing them to conduct audits without going to the audited entity. “Even now our remote audit system can, as soon as at the stage of preparation for an audit, find the signs of violations by 65 algorithms, including in the texts of public contracts using semantic analysis, including facts of concealment of violating the procurement standards,” Alexey Kudrin noted.

At the same time, he stressed that the work on digitalization of his department will not stop there, and in the near future, the Accounts Chamber plans to allocate a special subdivision for digitalization within its structure. “The Accounts Chamber has already a team who works with electronic resources and examines databases. In the near future, we will have a dedicated head of the ‘digital office’, which will be responsible namely for the analysis of databases, as far as they are comparable, applicable and in demand during audits. Such an audit will be part of our work, we are forming a common base with more than 400 public audit institutions of all levels, where it would be possible to compare the data and to build a common analysis based on the results of the work of all institutions,” Alexey Kudrin said.     

As part of the work of the Council, Alexey Kudrin also held bilateral meetings with all heads of SAIs of the CIS. During the meeting with the head of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Armenia, an Agreement on Cooperation was signed.

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