The regional audit chamber of Rostov Oblast is participating in the activities of the European Organisation of Regional External Public Finance Audit Institutions, EURORAI

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation has analysed the activities of the regional audit chamber of Rostov Oblast.

The assessment of the Accounts Chamber says that the legal regulation of the activities of the regional audit chamber is generally consistent with the requirements of the federal legislation. The independence principle is properly introduced.

The regional audit chamber (RAC) carried out intensive work with a view to provide its activities with methodological support: today 6 methodological documents and 21 standards are in force. The Violation Classifier that takes into account the regional legislation is used in reviews.

In 2015-2017 the RAC carried out 382 initiatives and detected more than 199,000 violations amounting to 64 billion rubles. More than 258 million rubles were returned to the budget of the region.

The RAC has implemented good practices of releasing administrative offence reports with 352 protocols in the last 4 years. 218 officials and 2 legal entities were held responsible for administrative offences. Fines were paid in the amount of about 2 million rubles. 132 cases were submitted to the law enforcement agencies. Criminal proceedings were initiated on 3 occasions.

The RAC engages actively with other entities and organizations, including foreign ones. 37 cooperation agreements were concluded, with 14 of them signed with municipal regional audit entities of the Oblast. In 2014 the Council of regional audit entities under the RAC of Rostov Oblast was established. In 2017 the Agreement on cooperation with the Financial Inspection of the canton of Valais (Switzerland) was signed. Moreover, the RAC has been a member of the European Organisation of Regional External Public Finance Audit Institutions, EURORAI, since May 2006. In 2015-2017 the Chamber participated actively in the proceedings of the Steering Committee of EURORAI and in a number of international seminars under the auspices of this organization.

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