Terms of Reference

The INTOSAI Working Group on Key National Indicators
Terms of Reference 
First Meeting
Moscow, May 20-21, 2008


Support the coordinated efforts of the SAIs and INTOSAI in supporting development and use of KNI in economic, social and environmental fields at the national and supranational levels

Strategic goals

Goals and Activities

Goal 1


1.1 Establish a permanent system for the exchange of experience, on the basis of modern IT-techniques and traditional forums, including development and maintenance of a dedicated website;

1.2 Update and refine the Glossary of INTOSAI as referring to Key National Indicators;

1.3 Design and facilitate public access to knowledge base on the methodology and best practices of developing, using and auditing of Key National Indicators in INTOSAI member-countries;

1.4 Develop draft guidance and standards of SAIs involvement in Key National Indicator efforts, and - in conjunction with INTOSAI Development Initiative - related educational activities for SAI staff to share knowledge and enhance skills and abilities;

1.5 Prepare a brief review of the literature and international experience in development and use of Key National Indicators.

Goal 2


2.1 Facilitate development of modern forms of interaction between SAIs and the international organizations involved in the development of Key National Indicators;

2.2 Prepare "White Paper" on planning, implementing and maintaining of Key National Indicators systems.

Goal 3


3.1 Prepare an action plan on creation and support of pilot projects. Performance measurement and results dissemination;

3.2 Develop a knowledge base on Key National Indicators designed within the framework of regional cooperation;

Goal 4


4.1 Promote involvement of SAIs of countries lack of Key Indicators System into the work. Counseling on use of KNI;

4.2 Promoting information dissemination on the results of the Working Group on Key National Indicators activities for governments and public