Accounts Chamber: corruption impedes the achievement of national objectives and sustainable development goals

Press center
December 4, 2019


The delegation of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation participated in the International Anti-Corruption Conference, held on December 2-3 in Peru.

In the course of the Panel Discussion on the anti-corruption strategy of the UN Agenda 2030, representatives of the control department informed of new practices which would improve the transparency of the government expenditure and public control. The first tools were: the panel to monitor national objectives and the «Public Expenditure» project.

Сonsequently, citizens can almost in real time monitor the expenditure of public funds and implementation of public projects. «Globally, corruption is one of the main obstacles to the achievement of both national objectives and sustainable development goals adopted by the UN», said Olga Terekhina, Deputy Director of the Department for International Relations of the Accounts Chamber of Russia. According to her, working with open data, increasing the transparency of the government and public authorities activity, creating new analytical tools will increase the effectiveness of the public administration system.

Olga Terekhina added that the cooperation of supreme audit institutions and national governments, the implementation of the Moscow Declaration, which was adopted at the Congress of the INTOSAI in September 2019, and closer cooperation with the business community would contribute to the establishment of new methods and tools to oppose and fight corruption.

The Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Aleksei Kudrin, in his video address to participants of the Conference, said that the use of modern anti-corruption approaches, including risk-oriented approach, legislation improvement and information technology increase credibility of the government.

In his opinion, the focus of the anti-corruption efforts should be shifted to preventive measures that require the cooperative work, close interaction with law enforcement agencies and civil society. «It will be impossible to solve the corruption problem without it», Aleksei Kudrin noted.

Summing up, the representatives of the Accounts Chamber noted that Russia as the chair of the INTOSAI, in cooperation with supreme audit institutions of other countries will proceed with participation in the development, analysis and dissemination of best practices to fight against fraud, corruption and money-laundering. Furthermore, next year the control department will present the results of Russia’s willingness to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, which has established anti-corruption as a key objective.