ACRF publishes audit results of the draft budget 2022-2024

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December 1, 2021
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The Accounts Chamber submit a review on the Draft Federal Budget for 2022–2024 prepared by the Government. Audit results have demonstrated: the budget is balanced, revenues and spending are justified in accordance with macroeconomic indicators. The Budget 2022-2024 is socially oriented.


The draft law is based on the base outlook scenario of the socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation for 2022 and the planning period of 2023 and 2024.


Under the draft law, the federal budget revenue:

  • in 2022 is predicted at RUB 25,021.9 bn. (5.2%, more than estimated revenue in 2021);
  • in 2023 - RUB 25,540.2 bn. (2.1%, more than in 2022);
  • in 2024 - RUB 25,831.8 bn. (1.1%, more than in 2023).
Federal budget spending:
  • in 2022 will total RUB 23,694.2 bn. (1.5 %less than the year before);
  • in 2023 - RUB 25,241.1 bn. (increase of 6.5%);
  • n 2024 - RUB 26,354.4 bn. (increase of 4.4%).
Draft federal budget for 2022 has been developed with a surplus of RUB 1,327.7 bn. (1% of the GDP), RUB 299.1 bn. (0.2% of the GDP) for 2023, and with a deficit of (-) RUB 522.7 bn. (0.3% of GDP) in 2024.

Analysis of the principal indicators of the budgets of public extrabudgetary funds of the Russian Federation demonstrates increase in revenue and spending in the forecasting period in absolute terms.

All documents on budget auditing can be found here.