ACRF shared its best practices on fighting corruption and strategic audit with Hungarian colleagues

Press center
March 17, 2021

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the State Audit Office of Hungary held series of seminars and discussed the most crucial issues of auditing corruption and strategic audit.

SAIs via their activities realize agreements with the United Nations and contribute to the fulfilment of the Memorandum of Understanding between INTOSAI and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Best practices and experience of SAIs Hungary and Russia, cooperation between countries, implementation of the Moscow Declaration – these topics were at the core during the first part of the bilateral seminar.

Tatiana Blinova, Member of the ACRF Board, in her speech stressed that according to the ACRF Development Strategy for 2018-2024 it is necessary to develop environment of integrity by improving anti-corruption measures, as well as legal and institutional conditions that prevent corruption. Moreover, the ACRF is legally empowered to fight corruption and acts as a partner for the government. She also pointed out the following instruments and activities that help being up-to-date in fighting corruption:

  • Risk-oriented approach. It helps to find out corruption at the very beginning. Via special violations matrix the ACRF can monitor areas with corruption risks, regulatory framework, auditees and finally detect irregularities in order to prevent them.

  • Anti-corruption as a priority. All ACRF audit divisions are involved in work on it, issues related to anti-corruption are included in the ACRF plans and programs.

  • Cooperation with public bodies, law enforcement agencies, civil society institutions, citizens and business.

  • Openness. Increase in the level of availability and transparency of information will help to decrease corruption risks.

  • Teleworking. Access to the auditees’ databases helps to improve the efficiency of public expenditures’ auditing.

Anyway, there are high corruption risks in public procurement system as new schemes and ways of money laundering appear. SAIs have to find ways how to solve the problem of the vicious circle «compliance with laws vs circumventing laws.