Aleksei Kudrin presented the first conclusions about the monitoring of national projects

Press center
June 7, 2019

National projects need further development. As a whole they correspond to the priorities of the Russian economy, but in their present state they cannot ensure breakthrough growth. The Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Aleksei Kudrin expressed that view during a business breakfast of Sberbank at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

‘As for now, the national projects do not have enough to provide for a breakthrough. Priorities are adjusted, but there is also the work that must be done by the Government,’ Mr Kudrin said.

He supported his point of view with the first conclusions of the monitoring of the national project implementation that is carried out by the Accounts Chamber. First, the implementation of the national projects does not lead to the achievement of the national goals. ‘The Government has published the unified plan on the implementation of the national goals. It is broader, has more directions covered, but there is no actual plan. This is why we do not see all the measures that would allow to attain the national goals,’ Mr Kudrin said.

Moreover, in the opinion of the Head of the Accounts Chamber, national projects cannot help the economic growth rate reach the global level. ‘According to some estimates, for example, provided by Alfabank and the Institute of public economy and forecasting, they will influence the growth rate by no more than 0.5% or a little less than by 1%. However, today the issue of economic growth is very important. Without the Russian economic growth rate being on the global level, we would both stagnate, become less interesting for the rest of the world and would also fail to implement the national goals and projects,’ the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber said.

In conclusion, Mr Kudrin emphasized that the Accounts Chamber would continue to closely watch the implementation of the national projects. ‘Exactly a year ago I compared the Government to a tiger that is ready to jump. Today we can say that the tiger seems to have jumped, it has presented its national projects to us. However, I have a feeling that the tiger is frozen in its jump, it will land sooner or later, and then we will observe the results,' he concluded.