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Svetlana Orlova

Member of Board
November 23, 2018
Education, Awards

Born on October 23, 1954 in Obluchiy, Khabarovsk Krai.

1978 — graduated from the Ussuriysk State Pedagogical Institute. In 1991 — from the Khabarovsk Higher Party School.

1978–1991 — Instructor of the Soviet District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), Head of the Frunze District Committee of the CPSU, Head of the Primorsky Krai Territorial CPSU Committee.

1991–1993 — Vice President, Director General of the Women’s Commercial Charitable Organization “Anna”.

1994–2000 — Deputy of the State Duma of the first and second convocations, member of the Committee for the Budget, Taxes, Banks and Finance.

2000–2001 — Deputy Director, Scientific Production Association Krosna CJSC.

2001–2013 — Member of the Federation Council, First Deputy Chairman of the Budget Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council.

2013–2018 — Governor of the Vladimir Region.

On November 23, 2018, on the proposal of the President of Russia, she was appointed to the position of Auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation by the Federation Council.

Ph D. in Economics.

Ussuriysk State Pedagogical Institute<br>
Khabarovsk Higher Party School