Department of Healthcare and Sports Audit

The Department evaluates state policy to ensure a new quality of life for citizens. The recommendations of the Department help to increase the economic sustainability and development effectiveness of the spheres of health care, physical education and sports. An important goal of the structural unit is to inform society about the real situation in this area.

Principal activities:

The Department monitors, analyzes and evaluates strategic guidelines of state policy in the field of health care, physical education and sports, explores the causes and consequences of identified violations and deficiencies, and prepares recommendations for improving the efficiency of resource management that are needed to achieve the strategic goals of the state.

The tasks of the structural unit include analysis and control of income, expenses and sources of financing the budget deficit of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund and the federal budget. The scope of the Department’s analysis includes issues related to the allocation of budget money for health care, physical education and sports.

The Department also examines draft federal laws and other regulatory legal acts that affect the financial support and feasibility of activities and tasks in the field of healthcare, education, science, physical education and sports.

Head of the department

119991, Moscow, st. Zubovskaya, 2