Department of Procurement and Energy Sector Audit


Head of the department

2, Zubovskaya street, Moscow, Russia, 119121
The Department's work is related to the audit of federal budget expenditures on fuel and energy as well as nuclear power complexes. The Department also analyzes the efficiency of the contract system.

Principal activities:

The Department is responsible for the audit of public authorities and companies with state participation in the energy sector. Federal budget expenditures on the nuclear power industry and strategic audit in the development of the nuclear industry are subject to audit.

The Department monitors the system of public and corporate procurement, including evaluating the efficiency of the unified information system in the field of procurement. The Department prepares proposals for improving legislation in the sphere of procurement.

The Department includes the following audit units on: 

  • Fuel and energy complex; 
  • Nuclear power industry complex; 
  • Mass media, periodicals and publications; 
  • Federal contract system; 
  • Consolidated analytics.