Department of Industrial and Technological Development Audit

The Department audits federal budget expenditures related to the processing industry, exploration and use of outer space, as well as support of high-tech industries and export.

Principal activities:

The Department's work is related to the audit of the federal budget related to industry and technological development. The Department controls the chief administrators of budget funds in this area: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (Rosstandart), Roscosmos State Corporation, as well as Rostec State Corporation, JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation, and JSC Russian Export Center.

The Department's activities include monitoring the state programs "Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness", "Development of the aviation industry", “Development of shipbuilding and equipment for the exploration of offshore fields", "Development of the electronics and radio electronics industry", “Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry", "Space activities of Russia", "Development of foreign economic activity". The Department's audit includes an assessment of the implementation of the national project "International cooperation and export".

The Department monitors the way of achievement of the national goals of creating a high-performance export-oriented sector, developing on the basis of modern technologies, in the basic branches of the economy (primarily in the processing industry and agro-industrial complex).

Head of the department

119121, Russia, Moscow, Zubovskaya street, 2
Andrey Perchyan
Andrey Perchyan

Member of Board

Pureskina Yana Valentinovna
Pureskina Yana Valentinovna