Administrative Department

The Administrative Department deals with issues related to provision and control of document flow, organization of meetings of the Collegium of the Accounts Chamber, sessions and other events. The structural unit is responsible for handling citizens' requests.

Principal activities:

The Department handles documents in the Accounts Chamber and monitors the execution of management orders, as well as controls the technological support and development of electronic document flow within the Accounts Chamber.

The Department's responsibility includes issues related to the arrangement of meetings of the Collegium of the Accounts Chamber, protocol events of the control agency, including those related to international cooperation.

The Department works with citizens' requests and operates the Public reception office and Central archive of the Accounts Chamber.

Employees of the Department prepare annual plans and reports on the activities of the Accounts Chamber, as well as organize social and medical care for the employees.

Access control arrangements in the Accounts Chamber is also one of the Department's responsibilities.

Head of the department

119121, Russia, Moscow, Zubovskaya street, 2