Department for International and Regional Cooperation


Head of the department

2, Zubovskaya street, Moscow, Russia, 119121

The Department's work is related to the international activities of the Accounts Chamber, including its participation in global audit projects, strengthening ties with foreign Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) for the exchange of experience, and increasing the role of the Accounts Chamber as a key competence center in the field of audit.

Principal activities:

The Department of International and Regional Cooperation is responsible for the formation and implementation of priority activities of the Accounts Chamber on issues of international cooperation and interaction with regional audit institutions of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

To strengthen the authority of the Accounts Chamber in the global audit community, the Department organizes the participation of the Accounts Chamber in relevant international organizations and develops cooperation with foreign SAIs. The Department promotes common principles in the audit activity in the BRICS, SCO, CIS and EAEU based on methodological and innovative approaches to audit.

The work of the structural unit is related to Russia's participation in the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), including the Chairmanshipin this international organization in 2019-2022.

The Department organizes participation of representatives of the SAI of the Russian Federation in international training programs, seminars, committees and working groups, conferences, and it also conducts joint and parallel audits.