Digital Transformation Department

The Department is responsible for implementing the Accounts Chamber's strategy, in particular for digital transformation and creation of a digital platform to support control and expert analysis activities, as well as for the smooth operation of information systems and information and telecommunications infrastructure of the Accounts Chamber.

Principal activities:

The Department is engaged in informatization and digital transformation of technological processes of the Accounts Chamber. The main tasks of the structural unit are the implementation of information systems, digital platforms and analytical tools, the organization of work on the creation and filling of databases, knowledge and documents related to the control activities of the state.

The Department's work is related to ensuring the smooth functioning of the Accounts Chamber's information systems and organizing information and technical interaction with other control and accounts bodies of the Russian Federation.

The Department is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the work of the Federal State Institution "Center of Expert and Analytical and Information Technologies of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation".

Head of the department

119121, Russia, Moscow, Zubovskaya street, 2