Consolidated Department of the Federal Budget Audit


Head of the department

2, Zubovskaya street, Moscow, Russia, 119121

The Department, guided by the principles of openness and transparency, provides objective information about the state of the federal budget and shows relevant shortcomings and violations. In addition, it performs the strategic task of improving the efficiency of public resource management.

Principal activities:

The Department monitors the formation and execution of the federal budget and is responsible for developing proposals and recommendations after evaluating the balance of the federal budget and its long-term sustainability mechanisms, including the "budget rule" and budget forecast.

The Department's work is aimed at improving the accuracy of forecasting the federal budget revenues, identifying reserves to increase them, as well as assessing the volume of under-revenue.

The Department is involved into activities aimed at improving the system of program and target budget planning including project-based approaches to the state program management as part of the implementation of national projects.

The responsibility of the structural unit includes the preparation of proposals and recommendations to change the current version of the Budget code and draft a new version of the Budget code, so that the document is consistent and convenient for law enforcement.

The Department also ensures interaction of the Accounts Chamber with the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes and the Federation Council Committee on the Budget and Financial Markets.

The Department includes the following audit units on:

  • Consolidated preliminary control of the Federal budget;

  • Consolidated operational control of the Federal budget;

  • Consolidated follow-up control of the Federal budget;

  • Consolidated Analytics.